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[meta] Implement WebAssembly reftypes proposal


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(Reporter: lth, Unassigned)


(Depends on 4 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


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Tracker for work items that must complete before we can claim reftypes support (except for funcref, which we're working to defer to a separate funcref proposal).
Depends on: 1508556
Depends on: 1508557
Depends on: 1508559
Depends on: 1508560
Depends on: 1508561
Depends on: 1510216

Note, with bug 1508561 we create two ifdefs, ENABLE_WASM_GC and ENABLE_WASM_REFTYPES. These are defined in several config files, not just in the JS config file. Use searchfox to ensure all definitions are updated properly!

Depends on: 1515917
Depends on: 1527928

I think that in order to enable reftypes by default in Nightly, once stackmaps for ion have landed and we've also landed a couple of patches I have out for review that pertain to better testing, all we need to do is fix bug 1488205 so that --wasm-gc means "the gc feature" and not "the reftypes and gc features".

Notably we do not need to do the stubs work to enable reftypes. Until we do, interfaces using reftypes will be slower than those not using reftypes, but that's OK; interfaces not using reftypes are not pessimized and we won't regress anything. We just need to be sure that the temporarilyUnsupportedAnyRef() method continues to test for any reference type including anyref.

Depends on: 1532535
Depends on: 1532556
Depends on: 1541357
Depends on: 1546138
Summary: [meta] Implement WebAssembly reftypes proposal (except funcref) → [meta] Implement WebAssembly reftypes proposal
Alias: wasm-reftypes
Depends on: 1546592
Type: enhancement → task
Depends on: 1561513
Depends on: 1561515
Depends on: 1581572
No longer depends on: 1532556
Depends on: 1593640
Depends on: 1599125
Depends on: 1612804
Depends on: 1617825
Depends on: 1620986
No longer depends on: 1620986
Depends on: 1621647
Depends on: 1624490
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