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Use event telemetry for LoginManagerChild._fillForm


(Toolkit :: Password Manager, task, P2)




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(Whiteboard: [passwords:telemetry])

User Story

Some questions we can't currently answer:
* What proportion of users are seeing a login form autofilled on page load (without user interaction) in a given day/week/month?
* What proportion of users used the login context vs. autocomplete menu items to fill a form by day/week/month?
* What proportion of fills with recipes succeed vs. fills without recipes?
* What proportion of forms were filled? (Currently _fillForm can be called multiple times e.g. on the registration form)

Right now we have a pwmgr_form_autofill_result histogram but since there are so many arguments to this function and ways that it can be invoked, it makes it hard to extract meaning from the data e.g. separating autofill on page load vs. autofill from autocomplete vs. autofill from the context menu (this probe is only recorded for autofill without user interaction currently but that means we don't know anything about fills via the context menu or autocomplete which this bug should fix). Even more importantly is that currently we can only record one reason for not autofilling but ideally we would want to know all of the reason since fixing that one may not be enough to get that form to then autofill. With event telemetry we can record more of this info in "extra" arguments on the event.

My main concern would be that the volume of events would be too high but we can check that.

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