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silent crashes


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FF 74 beta and now FF 75 beta (developer edition as well).

About 2-2.5 weeks I started to experience silent crashes. No crash reporter appears.

about:crashes shows "No crash reports have been submitted."

Notebook on i5-8565U.

Created new profile (even w/o syncing anything) - does not help.
Tried to update Intel video drivers - does not help.
Uninstalled Kaspersky Internet Security - does not help.
Disabling add-ons - does not help.
Disabling HW acceleration - does not help.

Starting in safe mode - OK. Rock solid. (BTW no noticeable performance decrease)


Now I have at least 3 PC's with same symptoms. Different HW. Different profiles.

  1. notebook i5-8265U, integrated video card
  2. AMD A6-6xxx desktop, integrated video card
  3. AMD Phenom 8xxx, some AMD video card

Gabriele, any idea why the crashreporter wouldn't come up? Things the reporter can try to figure out what is going on here?

Reporter: does this reliably happen when loading the same websites? Are they publicly accessible?

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Yes, this usually happens when either the crash is too early for the crash reporter to catch it (e.g. in the firefox executable) or when it happens outside of Gecko control. We've seen this often because of injected DLLs. I can diagnose the crash if we can get a minidump using Windows Error Reporting. The instructions to do so are here but here's quick run-down:

  • Using regedit.exe create the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps registry key. The key can be left empty as the default settings are fine.
  • Launch Firefox and wait for it to crash
  • Go into C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\CrashDumps and see if there's a minidump in there (.dmp extension)
  • Send the minidump to me via e-mail so that I can analyze it

Important note: do not attach the minidump to this bug. It may contain sensitive information so it should not be public.

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As I can tell, it seems happened more on other sites, than another.

For example this one:

And one more thing: before the closing, FF freezes up. Does not responds for one or more seconds and then closes.
Will do the minidump in a few minutes.

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I do not get any dumps... It this right?

Pix of regedit.

Ni for comment #5

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That's very, very odd. It means that Firefox isn't crashing - at least not from Windows perspective - which makes it hard to explain what's going on. Let's do it differently:

  • Open Firefox, and browse to a page, any will do
  • Browse to about:crashcontent, this will crash the current tab
  • Submit the crash report
  • Browse back to a regular page
  • Browse to about:crashparent, this will crash the entire browse
  • Submit the crash report
  • Restart Firefox and look for the crash reports in about:crashes
  • Post the links for the two crashes you submitted. You can post them here as the crashes on are redacted

I'm curious to see if you've got some injected DLLs that are messing around with the browser.

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O, I found the wrong registry path...

I managed to get a few dumps
bp-425257d5-87e6-49bb-8ce4-c79720200317 3/17/2020, 11:00 PM
bp-fadc4440-d814-48fe-bd47-c135c0200317 3/17/2020, 11:02 PM
bp-d47ce8fa-790f-4518-98e4-d1d260200317 3/17/2020, 11:02 PM

And will send a crash caused by about:crashparent by mail

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Thanks Eugene, I see what's going on. Firefox is crashing in an injected DLL, specifically onepin-opensc-pkcs11.dll version Ironically we already had problems with it in the past so we were blocking all versions up to I will make a nightly build with that version blocked and will send you the link to it so you can try and see if it solves the problem. If you need to keep using OpenSC (that's where the DLL is coming from) I suggest you report the problem upstream or see if it has already been solved in their nightly build.

It seems this is a part of Estonian ID card software: - FF announcement - software itself

But strange, that I have it on all PC's, bit only 3 of them are crashing.

Thanks for the pointer! Can you check if the new version works as advertised? I'll post the patch to block version since it's known to be broken.

I have the latest installed. Send them a mail with link to this bug.

Uninstalled the ID Software. Seems OK now.

You can find a test build here that automatically blocks the crashing DLL. Can you try it out with the ID Software installed and see if it doesn't crash? It will behave like Firefox Nightly. Once you're done with the test you can simply remove it or replace it with the real nightly if you're using it.

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Assignee: nobody → gsvelto

Tested. It seems to be OK! Tnx!

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Block the latest release of OpenSC which crashes Firefox nightly r=aklotz

Actually it is not only FF 76. FF74 and 75 as well.

BTW Should we fill a bug to ?

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