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Lots of shutdown hangs with URL chrome://gfxsanity/content/sanitytest.html


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While looking through the shutdown hangs, I've noticed an oddly large number of them have the URL chrome://gfxsanity/content/sanitytest.html , which I think is some kind of self testing the graphics code does. Looking at 76 only, we have about 7600 shutdownkill hang reports, and around 1000 crash reports with the sanity test URL. In fact, it looks like almost all of the crash reports with sanitytest URLs (all but 6!) are hangs. Maybe there's nothing to be done, but maybe that's something worth investigating.

Here's a couple of examples:

Maybe sanitytest.html is loaded in a content process that opens and shuts down quickly? That might cause issues. The hangs are in all sorts of different code, so it doesn't feel like the test itself would be the problem.

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Has this been happening for a while is it a more recent thing?

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Most of the crashes are on 75 and later, but maybe we just autosubmit content process crashes on beta. I'm not sure of this history of this. We've mostly been ignoring shutdown hangs until recently.

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See Also: → 1625844
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