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centralize all special installers per platform under a single product


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In bug 1617992 we added a dedicated product for just the pkg installer with OSX as single platform. Similarly we have msi for win-{32,64}. Once we are done with the Nazgul migration, we should look into merging these two into a dedicated product so that we can ease the tracking of future plaform-specific installers into a single product.

Nazgul migration is now completeed, we can try giving this a shot. As aforementioned, the motivation for this is to ease adding new special installer packages in the future, centralized per a single product in bouncer, rather than multiple entries.

Happy to provide more details.

Mentor: mtabara
Keywords: good-first-bug

Hello. Seems like this is still open. How can I get started with this?? Or am I at the wrong place??

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