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Remove the remaining uses of nsIAbView and get rid of it


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In bug 1633620 I ported all but one use of nsAbView to JS. With this I get rid of the remaining use, which was to gather the cards in one or all address books and sort them for printing. I've moved that code in with the printing code.

Throwing away the interface means I can't use tree.view to access the extra functions it provided (because tree.view only gives you an nsITreeView not the real object) but that's okay because we kept a reference to the current view anyway. I had to fix some things to use that reference.

I also discovered some of the functions of nsIAbView are there to support some UI interface stuff that AFAICT has been broken for a long time (and with no bugs complaining about the brokenness) so I've just removed it.

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Looks good. I think the swapping of the order of names would be useful, but mostly on a per-card level to fix it up.
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Remove the remaining uses of nsIAbView, then remove it and nsAbView. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD

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