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[PORKJOCKEY] Attachment as Link is invisible in 5.0 message


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(Reporter: fenella, Assigned: rhp)



Linux (1999-10-13-12 m11) commercial
Win32 (1999-10-13-13 m11) commercial
Mac (1999-10-13-14 m11) commercial

1. Create a message, type a few words in the Body of the Compose window.
2. Use the Attach icon to attach a dll (or cpp) extension file
3. Send yourself the message
4. View the message in 5.0

Actual result: When I view the message in 5.0, I do not see the Attachment as
Link. All I see is the text in the Body. However, when I view the same message
in Nova, I can see the attachment as link.

Expected result: In nova, I can see the attachment as link, which is a  2 column
table, containing the file name and icon, and the information about the file
such as: Name, Type, Encoding, Download status.  I expect 5.0 to do the same.

This occurs on all three platforms.
Target Milestone: M11
I could be wrong on this, but per the spec at:


we no longer support the "view as link" since all the attachments are
in the envelope part of the message. We probably need to take out the
view as link option unless I am wrong on this.

Sol, Phil?

- rhp
I'd be happy to talk this over, but it wasn't my impression that the new
attachments menu in the envelope area changed anything about the pref to view
attachments inline vs. as links. If we were going to take out inline attachment
viewing, and leave the menu as the only access point, then I could see doing
this. However, since we have inline view (and plan to keep it AFAIK), it seems
like we should have view as link too.

Is there an implementation problem with this, or do we just need to decide what
we want?
It's more that we need to decide how we want to handle it and I'll make that

- rhp
Hi Scott,
This is the bug that looks like a problem with dispatching URL's through
libmime....I'm not sure what may have changed but I thought you may be able to
shed some wisdom.

- rhp
I believe this is also due to Radha's webshell change as this problem showed up
on Friday. I have a fix in my tree and I don't see the problem....

I'll mark this as a duplicate.
When you get your changes into the tree, just leave this bug open. There is
still an open discussion about accessing attachments in 5.0 and this will be a
tracker for that issue.

- rhp
Summary: Attachment as Link is invisible in 5.0 message → [PORKJOCKEY] Attachment as Link is invisible in 5.0 message
This is infrastructure, but rhp is handling it.
The webshell patch fixes the problem where images are not being shown
inline...I am still holding this on the radar for the other Attachment issue.

- rhp
Blocks: 16950
QA Contact: lchiang → pmock
changing QA assigned to myself
After a meeting this week, this is the way attachments will be displayed.
There will now be a single pref for display attachments inline. If you have
this enabled (which will be the default) then it will display attachments as
part of the message body (separated by horizontal lines). If it can't display
the attachment (i.e. a word doc) then it will show nothing (no longer will we
display the box of header information)

All attachments will ALWAYS be available via the attachments menu in the

- rhp
Closed: 25 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
This works as described below.

- rhp
Blocks: 17432
Verified as resolved on win32, macos, and linux using the following builds:

This works as RHP described. :)
No longer blocks: 17432
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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