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This bug is designed to depend on all the bugs that were reported by Netscape
engineers during the weekly status report.  I wanted a list of the top 1 or 2
bugs per engineer, as taken from the assigned bug (and feature) list.

Over time, we can look at this bug, and see if we are progressing on the stated
high-priority bugs (bugs that folks thought they should be working on).  We can
also contrast this list with a list that management has created and thinks folks
should be working on (Dogfood bugs, approved by PDT+).  In the end, we'll see
what should be done to either list, and to our joint priorities.
From: (Rick Gessner)  Tue 3:02 PM
Subject:   wip items for gecko...

Here is the much anticipated WIP list for Gecko team members. Enjoy...

         Engineer              Current Bugs           Long Pole Items
 andrei                  out today               plugin testing; stability
 chris                   5799, 16284             2300, 5588, perf;
 don                     border rendering; 13944,
                         15576                   printing issues and webshell
 eric                    form submission 11979,
                         8209                    large bug list
 harish                  16014, 16578            no_xxx tag handling; perf.
 joki                    DOM draft; 13406, 12374,
                         12380                   large bug list
 kevin                   keygen; 15623, 16723    bug list
 kipp                    16656, 7455, 12297      perf.; line box space
 nisheeth                10456, 10564            bugs
 patrick                 15952, 14415, 15906     view system; painting bugs
 pierre                  12227, 15155; table
                         reflow/css              coming up to speed in style
 rickg                   nothing "useful"        shipping
 rod                     16317, 16152, 11285     scrollframe; compatibility
 troy                    space team: tables, frames
                                                 table space reduction
 vidur                   incr. reflow (6899);    large bug list
 waqar                   16008, 15994            coming up to speed on team
From:   James Everingham <>        Mon 4:41 PM
Subject:  Re: status 10/18/99

    danm 9625,15856
    pavlov 16018,16552
    Saari 12051,10779,13157
    furman 8305
    valeski 10737
    Gagan 14610
    Gordan Sheridan 10731
    Doug Turner 15082
    Waterson 15146, 11501, 9764
    Neeti 14034, 13347
    Pam nunn 14225, 14227
    Steve Morse 13684, 16258, 16319
    Travis 13374
    Bill Law 8705,8163
    Steve Morse 14224,11986
Depends on: 8700, 13615, 15604, 15813
No longer depends on: 15856, 15906, 15952, 15994
From: (Clayton Lewis)    Mon 2:40 PM
Subject:  JavaScript Status 10/18/99

mccabe:  8700, 15813, 15855, 13615
rogerl:  15604
Depends on: 7518, 13399, 14012, 14014, 14928, 15001, 15002
No longer depends on: 15146, 15155, 15576, 15604, 15623, 15813
From: (Dave Rothschild)   Mon 11:50 AM
Subject:     Mail,CCK,Profile,IM Update 10.18.99

                     Mail, IM, CCK, Profile Weekly Update
     Upcoming work
          davidmc - adding API logging to Mork, building test harness for Mork.
          bienvenu - memory leaks in Address Book and Compose window
          alecf - Porting Boehm GC to Linux, improving nsinstall and commercial
build, nsIModule-izing prefs, 15685
          Regression in prefs
          jefft - 16538 Copying IMAP messages broken, 16368 Data loss saving
          rhp -  7518 Remove "Messenger 5.0" signature, 16367 Decide about
attachment as link, working on
          security of message display area.
          mscott - 16550 Reply is broken, 14928 URL dispatching
          sspitzer - 16551 Mac profile migration stalled on blockers, 16259 Line
endings in Mac prefs file,
          1523015231 Prefs don't stick
          hangas - 15127 Command update/dispatch, 16395 Convert mozilla to new
          ducarroz - 133991500115002 Addressing widget bugs
          putterman on vacation, chuang on sabbatical

     Instant Messaging
     AIM now works on the Mac and is integrated into the build system
     Fixed 18 Dogfood bugs
     Bugs: (in bugsplat)
          366820 Crash on Sign off (rroberts)
          362256 Trees don't display correctly (rroberts)
          364830 Login flakiness on Linux (syd)
          364618 Cannot invoke IM w/ double click on Buddy List (syd)
          366992 Screen name invisible on the Mac  (alex)
          366989 Two Quit menu items visible in send IM (alex)

     CCK & Profiles

     Steady progress on CCK, closed about 12 bugs
          Varada - More CCK bugs: 14012, 14014, ...
          Gayatri - CCK Install Builder && jar: URL handling
          Bhuvan - Profile Manager bugs:  16119, 16529
Depends on: 8801, 8865, 13576, 13786, 1461
No longer depends on: 14610, 14928, 15001, 15002
From: (Laura Yecies)       Mon 10:44 AM
Subject:   ICP Status 10/18Bugs for next week

     Erik - 8801 (font prefs)
     Frank- IME crasher (13786/13576/16432), rule system issues- 13576
     Naoki -8865 - API to convert UCS-2 HTML into a target encoding (in
     Tague - Linux postscript printing
     Catalin - Charset menu
Depends on: 1646, 7261, 7270, 12579
No longer depends on: 14225, 14227, 14415, 1461
From: (Norris Boyd)    Mon 9:57 AM
Subject:  Component Security Status 10/18

norris currently working on
          1646   javascript: URLs aren't working
          16521 Scripts in mail messages run from wrong origins
          7261   Connect XPConnect visibility filter to query principals
          16329 Review InstallVersion and InstallTrigger
     mstoltz working with gayatrib on a JAR protocol handler. Getting help from
warren, fur, and valeski.
     mstoltz working on bugs
          16077 Implement streaming output from libjar
          12579 Implement jar: protocol
          7270   Implement signed scripts
     Guninski is investigating XUL further and is starting to look at mail.
     Guninski filed two new exploits:
          16036 document.Element exposes the DOM of documents from any domain
          16166 setTimeout() security problem
Here's a funny story:

Once upon a time there was a lowly engineer who was asked to identify the two
bugs he would be working on the next week.  The poor engineer didn't have any
urgent bugs and he suspected he'd be working on whatever crises emerged
day-to-day (as had been the case for the preceding weeks).  So, he examined his
bug list, searching for bugs that he could pass off as "top bugs."  He found 1
reasonable candidate, but the rest were random minor defects that might or might
not need fixing ever, let alone during the next week.

What to do?  The engineer decided to pick the lamest, most inane bug from the
list, and nominate *that* bug as one of his "top two", just for fun.

Lo and behold, he now receives an email notice that another bug had been made
dependent on that lame, inane bug!  He followed the link to see what
measly defect might actually have sunk to such depths to be dependent on this
lamest-of-the-lame bug.  That's how I got here.

Fortunately, said engineer had marked that bug FIXED the day before, so
choosing that bug may have been fortuitous.

Anyway, I was somewhat amused by this turn of events and wanted to share it with
y'all.  Have a nice day.
15576 is a bug about build warnings. You must have the wrong bug. I am taking it
off the list.
Removed 16036, which was in weekly status because it was found, not because it
was being worked on.
Clearing Netscape CPD tracking bugs off radar
Manually closing (to pull off radar), since bulk move failed :-(
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