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Also run IndexedDB wpt in private browsing mode


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As discussed here (, in order to run WPT tests in private browsing mode, we need to create a new test variant (may be named 'pb') which would set pref 'browser.privatebrowsing.autostart' true. Since, we still can't run all WPT tests successfully in private mode, we need to ensure that we only tag indexedDB to run in that pb mode. This could be done as here: Here we create a new test variant 'wmfme' and also define a tag 'media-engine-compatible' such that only tests tagged with this new tag name run under this new pb variant. Tests can be tagged to run under this new variant as here:

Also note that:

If wptrunner breaks because of permanent private browsing mode (enabled via browser.privatebrowsing.autostart), then we may need to help teach the marionette wptrunner driver how to open a private browsing window to use it. The marionette protocol’s window opening command explicitly supports this, so most of the work would be in the wptrunner and having it understand when it should be opening things in private browsing mode.

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