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add about:pioneer MVP for enrolling in Pioneer v2 and associated studies


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Users need a way to un/enroll from Pioneer, and to see and un/enroll from various studies.
See bug 1634552 comment 0 for more context around the Pioneer program.

The expectation is that the initial version is an MVP. It will be able to provide roughly the workflow in this basic wireframe/mockup:

It does not require localization, and only needs to supports one study at a time. Studies are implemented as privileged add-ons, with minimal special API privileges, such as the ability to send encrypted telemetry. Study add-ons will not ship privileged code via WebExtension Experiments.

We are landing this simple MVP now so it can be used for testing out data collection on the release channel for Firefox 78. We will be iterating on the design in the meantime and land a finalized version in time for go-to-market (GTM) in Firefox 79.

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Depends on D76934

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