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Add startTime, and endTime to the marker struct


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Markers currently have a time field in the output JSON. Many markers in the payloads also include a startTime and endTime. These various fields end up being ambiguous in how they are used.

For the output marker table we should remove the time field, and add startTime and endTime. Each of these properties can then be null or number.

This will also need a profiler upgrader for the front-end which will need to land first.

Assignee: nobody → gtatum

This patch is the first step to our so-called "Markers 2.0" work. It's attempting to consolidate
some ad-hoc practices in the profiler into more solid practices. This is the first step to getting
the Gecko profiler to produce a format that has the timing information applied to the serialized
marker tuple, rather than a mix in the tuple and the payload.

The front-end merged, and once deployed this can be merged as well.

I'll be away from the office for a bit, so Nazim can help coordinate that, as he can deploy and was the reviewer for the front-end piece.

Pushed by
Add Instant, Interval, IntervalStart, IntervalEnd markers to the profiler; r=gerald
Remove startTime and endTime from most marker payloads; r=gerald
Update profiler gtests for startTime and endTime in markers; r=gerald
StoreMarker() doesn't need the TimeStamp argument anymore; r=canaltinova
Fix StoreMarkers calls from Android code; r=canaltinova
Ensure Tracing markers always have correct times and kind; r=canaltinova
Fix gtests for tracing markers, and add PHASE tests; r=canaltinova
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