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Add "Add-ons Support" to Thunderbird add-ons manager


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Firefox has this - for some reason it is missing in Thunderbird. It would be good to have this for version 78. I assume it requires strings. NI Magnus to assign. NI Alex in case he has any concerns.

We need to point it somewhere. should be good enough for now. Although that KB cound stand to be improved.

Firefox's goes to

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See Also: → 1642220
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Links to
That's from

So if someone creates a page at the suitable URL we can unhide it.

Priority: -- → P1

I can take care of this if you want.
All agree to point that button to the URL Ways proposed?

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To avoid needless code to handle what url is used, we should create the corresponding url/redirect as firefox.
I think firefox also redirect - one ends up at

BTW, links to MDN add-on development at the bottom of the page. That should go to DTN.)

Assignee: nobody → alessandro

John and I discussed this yesterday in matrix

John, since you've been doing some great work on the Add-ons Manager, do you thin you would have time to take care of this?

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sure, just assign me.

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Assignee: alessandro → john

The pull request to add the redirect has been merged, so we can unhide the button now. It will take another day or two before the new setting becomes active.

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Nice, thanks. r=aleca
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The redirect is active. We can get this landed.

Pushed by
Unhide the Add-ons Support button. r=aleca

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Approved for beta

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TB 86.0b3 on Windows 10


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Approved for esr78

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Works for me in my tests of the 78.8.0 release candidate on Fedora 33 Workstation and Windows 10.

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