First day of week should default to value specified by system locale



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17 years ago
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When Calender is installed for the first time, Sunday is displayed as the first
day of the week, even though I have specified in Regional Settings in Control
Panel (Win2K) that the first day of the week is Monday.

I know that this is configurable from the prefs panel, but the setting should
default to the value specified for the whole system.

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17 years ago
I confirm on WinME. Good idea.
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16 years ago
New contact from to
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15 years ago
I can confirm this on Windows/NT 4.0 sp6 too.

(First time installation of Mozilla Calendar)

In case Mozilla Calendar cannot determine any "current system settings", on a
specific platform, it should at least default to the ISO Standard for Numeric
representation of Date and Time, i.e. ISO 8601.

In the case of "first day of week" that would be to default to monday.

Please see:

A Summary of the International Standard Date and Time Notation

Numeric representation of Dates and Time
QA Contact: colint → general

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13 years ago
On Windows 2000 (not NT4), the first day of the week can be read from the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\iFirstDayOfWeek (0=Monday, 6=Sunday).
OS: Windows 2000 → All
Hardware: PC → All
I filed a bug 333938 to ask for more stuffs of locale info.
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11 years ago
Adding wanted‑calendar0.8?  I think this bug is important in order to give new users a good first impression of the product and allow them to start using the product without having to manually specify the first day of the week (the pref is not that easy to find).
Flags: wanted-calendar0.8?
This bug is not important enough to warrant wanted0.8 status. 

We would however take a fix for this bug into 0.8, if such a fix materializes.
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Comment 9

11 years ago
I'd prefer an option for this similar to the "start the week on" option.  In fact if there was an option for "display this day first", then I'd want to pick the "TODAY" option.  I really like the "Next 7 days" option in google's calendar that always shows today in the left most column.
I believe that an this combo should actually include an option "use system default" (as well as all other 7 days).
If this options is selected, then the OS's setting is used (this is LC_TIME on unix-like systems, IIRC).

Contrary to just setting it the first time, this means that the first-day-of-the-week will be updated whenever the OS one is change.
Depends on: 1287503
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