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Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /webrtc/RTCRtpSender-replaceTrack.https.html | ReplaceTrack transmits the new track not the old track - Test timed out


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firefox79 --- fixed


(Reporter: intermittent-bug-filer, Assigned: bwc)



(Keywords: intermittent-failure, Whiteboard: [stockwell disable-recommended])


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[task 2020-06-14T08:34:15.127Z] 08:34:15 INFO - TEST-START | /webrtc/RTCRtpSender-replaceTrack.https.html
[task 2020-06-14T08:34:45.811Z] 08:34:45 INFO - TEST-PASS | /webrtc/RTCRtpSender-replaceTrack.https.html | Calling replaceTrack on sender with similar track and and set to session description should resolve with sender.track set to new track
[task 2020-06-14T08:34:45.811Z] 08:34:45 INFO - TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /webrtc/RTCRtpSender-replaceTrack.https.html | ReplaceTrack transmits the new track not the old track - Test timed out
[task 2020-06-14T08:34:45.812Z] 08:34:45 INFO - TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /webrtc/RTCRtpSender-replaceTrack.https.html | expected OK
[task 2020-06-14T08:34:45.812Z] 08:34:45 INFO - TEST-INFO took 30687ms
[task 2020-06-14T08:34:45.851Z] 08:34:45 INFO - PID 1404 | 1592123685821 Marionette INFO Stopped listening on port 53295

Looks like this test started doing ICE recently, so needs to be marked "long".

Assignee: nobody → docfaraday
Flags: needinfo?(aryx.bugmail)

While try looks pretty horrible, that appears to be pre-existing intermittents. This test has stopped timing out.

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Mark this test as long because it does ICE. r=jib
Created web-platform-tests PR for changes under testing/web-platform/tests
Upstream web-platform-tests status checks passed, PR will merge once commit reaches central.
Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla79
Upstream PR merged by moz-wptsync-bot

This appears to be a case that only happens when the webrtc wpt are run in the entire suite; running just the webrtc wpt (see comment 6) works ok. Since this is only win7 debug, I suspect the failures are being caused by the same thing as bug 1643947.

Flags: needinfo?(docfaraday)
See Also: → 1643947

The patches on bug 1643058 seem to improve this somewhat, probably one of the restart-afters that were added.

See Also: → 1643058
Pushed by
adjust expectations for RTCRtpSender-replaceTrack.https.html on Windows 7 debug. r=test-only DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE

Argh! Bug 1643058 is rotted again! Please stop touching these files until bug 1643058 is landed.

Closed: 1 year ago1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla79
Regressions: 1648313

This test has been re-enabled by bug 1643058, and seems to be behaving itself now, probably due to the restart-after that was added.

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