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Add Clipboard Feature Policy


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Clipboard should be controlled by "clipboard-read" and "clipboard-write" feature policy.

I don't think we have any intention of supporting -read and it's a bit unclear how that ended up in the specification. Are there two implementations?

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I think this got landed before I became chair and we started enforcing the two implementer rule in WebAppsWG:

There is also more history here:

I'm still not sure who owns the Clipboard implementation from the DOM team. I don't mind tracking the spec if no one does, but would like to have someone that can have input on the implementation side of things.

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I don't think we have any intention of supporting -read

Does that mean no intention to support clipboard read access at all, just not the current specificatioo that includes support for read access without a user gesture? I'm not sure what a legitimate use case for reading the clipboard without a gesture would be. But users of web-aps expect to be able to paste into rich documents using app menus (including custom context menus). As I understand it, currently the only way to do this is with a browser plugin, and maybe showing a dialogue to the user prompting them to install the plugin or use the browser keyboard shortcut.

Also, is there any intention to use feature policy to allow sites to restrict use of the Clipboard API in their iframes?

I'm unsure if the disagreement is with just a feature policy name of "clipboard-read"/"clipboard-write", or also with the use of feature policy overall.

Sorry for the slow follow-up here, I forgot to cc myself on the bug. I don't think we intent to support clipboard-write and clipboard-read could be supported with inline UI, similar to how Safari does it, at which point there does not really seem like a need for Permissions Policy to be involved.

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