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[meta] Clipboard API improvements


(Core :: DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop, task)





(Reporter: evilpie, Unassigned)


(Depends on 15 open bugs, Blocks 3 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta, parity-chrome, parity-safari)

Right now Firefox only supports Clipboard.writeText and Clipboard.readText and only for WebExtensions. Chrome already supports write/read with images.

Depends on: 1560373
Depends on: 1554855
Summary: Async Clipboard API for web pages → [meta] Async Clipboard API for web pages
Depends on: 1619723
Depends on: 1619947

Seems like Safari 13.1 just shipped with this API as well:

Keywords: parity-safari

According to, firefox is the only modern browser that doesn't have this. Is there any progress on this?

Depends on: 1646270
Depends on: 1670252
No longer depends on: 1494266
No longer depends on: 1554855
No longer depends on: 1619723
Depends on: 1620420
Summary: [meta] Async Clipboard API for web pages → [meta] Clipboard API improvements
Depends on: 1434915
Blocks: 1662100
See Also: → 1615397
See Also: → 1636028
Depends on: 1688279
Depends on: 1688865
Component: DOM: Events → DOM: Core & HTML
Depends on: 1691825
Depends on: 1693750
Depends on: 1699743
Component: DOM: Core & HTML → DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop
Depends on: 1712122
Depends on: 1728425
Depends on: 1753202
Depends on: 1766860
Depends on: 1769678
Depends on: 1756955
Depends on: 1773477
Depends on: 1778971
No longer depends on: 1778971
Severity: normal → S3
Depends on: 864052
Blocks: 1806457
Depends on: 1763600
Depends on: 1809106
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