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The Overlay buttons' hover states are improperly working when leaving the hover area in a fast manner (specific linux system)


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firefox78 --- disabled
firefox79 --- affected


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  • The hover state of the "Stop Sharing", camera/mic and minimize buttons are not working correctly when the user leaves the hover area is a fast manner; the hover remains activated.

Affected versions

  • Nightly v79.0a1
  • it does not occur on the Beta 78.0b9 since id shows another design for the Global Sharing Overlay

Affected platforms

  • Ubuntu v18.04.4LTS

Steps to reproduce

  1. Engage in a video call.
  2. Allow the microphone and camera permission door-hangers.
  3. Start screen sharing (any option between window/entire screen)
  4. Hover over the "Stop Sharing" button.
  5. Leave the button's area in a fast manner.

Expected result

  • The button's hover state is deactivating.

Actual result

  • The hovers state flickers and remains activated.

Regression range

  • This issue only occurs since the new design was implemented in Nightly v79.0a1.

Additional notes

  • This issue applies to all the overlay's buttons.
  • This bug MAY be specific to my system. The root cause was not found and it does not occur on one other system.

This looks like the same issue described in bug 1643014

They do look alike, but bug 1643014 refers to a different design than the one seen in Nightly v79.0a1. Furthermore, THIS issue might be an issue specific to one system. It could not be reproduced on another Linux system. The cause could be related to video drivers.

Priority: -- → P3
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