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[meta] Let the new global sharing indicator and notification silencing ride the trains


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The new global sharing indicator with DOM notification silencing can be enabled by setting:

privacy.webrtc.allowSilencingNotifications to true and
privacy.webrtc.legacyGlobalIndicator to false.

I've attached a screenshot that tries to show what we're going for here.

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Thanks for that flag info. I disabled it because I have enough affordance with the browser tab title icon flash as well as MacOS system tray icons.

One bug: Pressing the '-' hide button does nothing on Meet in full screen mode. You can't seem to hide the overlay. You can however get out of fullscreen, hide and then go back to fullscreen.

On Linux (openSuse Tumbleweed) using v80.0a1 the indicator widow appears as a thin line, like just window borders. It appears as separate entry in KDE Plasma's task manager. The size of this indicator increases horizontally when I select option to present a window.

Thanks ra.ravi.rav - I've split your bug off to bug 1651748.

Bug 1648752 should be added to the dependencies of this.

Depends on: 1653320
Depends on: 1669649
Depends on: 1670016
Whiteboard: [feature-testing-meta]

Looks like I am able to remove that small floating window on Firefox for Mac with privacy.webrtc.legacyGlobalIndicator set to true in Nightly 84.0a1 (2020-10-19). Thanks a lot for providing this about:config item. Very, very helpful!

Blocks: 1672419
Depends on: 1673042
Whiteboard: [feature-testing-meta]
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