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Windows 2000
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I'm trying and developing for Apache's Cocoon project and pointing my browser to
http://localhost:8080/cocoon to test my setup, causes Mozilla to go to
Read for an explanation why
this is normal behaviour. On the other hand, it's also a good idea why localhost
and might be on the default 'No-Proxy-For' list.

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Are you using a proxy?
Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---
Whops. I think you are in a domain where localhost fails in DNS.
Can you type "nslookup localhost"?
Component: Browser-General → Networking
QA Contact: asa → benc

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reporter: we need to know if you are using a proxy or not.

dwx: The failover of a DNS failure in URL will result in one of two behaviors,
domain completion or Internet Keyword lookup.

In this case, the user got "localhost" converted to "". If IK
had been used, you would have gotten:

in the URl bar.

Also, in mozilla, the default is to use domainguessing (a side effect of turning
off IK).
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In Phoenix "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.4b)
Gecko/20030428 Mozilla Firebird/0.6" the listed link always takes me to  Which is a marketing site with a really annoying
javascript popup.   I think this is a security problem or at least could be if
that site was malicious (and not just annoying).

nslookup localhost correctly returns 
Probably internet keywords was turned on.

For a while, it was responding to some queries by sending back a URL (mozilla
went to most of the time, it has responded w/ search results.

That is one of the aspects I really dislike about this feature, is that the
server people have no idea how their changes affect users.
Assignee: asa → hewitt
Component: Networking → URL Bar
QA Contact: benc → claudius
I can confirm this behaviour on Firebird 0.6 on WinXP. Going to
http://localhost:8080/blah when my local server isn't running redirects me to No proxies, btw. Surely if the user enters http://
at the front that means they'd prefer to get a message that the connection was

When the server is running behaviour is as expected.

How do I turn this off in Firebird anyway?
[MozillaFirebird] v 0.6.1

goes to
can not be found.

Under Mozilla 1.5a
http://localhost:8080 and
both bring up tomcats front page

When I set my firwall to disallow internet connections
it says it cannot reach
It should never do this search because I am running tomcat
on that port !

I brought my browser settings over form Mozilla 1.4 final,
and I --hate-- keyword/search completion, so this was turned
off. Now I can find no way to turn this feature off.
Blocks: 87717
Robert, this should go in a new bug, but here's the info you need:

I'm not sure why, but what probably happens is that your initial URL request is
returning a network error (it shouldn't but it does).

This causes docshell to throw you into "internet keywords", which in Firebird is
configured to ask google's "you go luckly" to return a URL.

You can verify this by using about:config to turn off "keyword.enabled".

Read: for all the info you need

Try moving your prefs into a mozilla build (copy both keyword.* prefs) and see
if it happens in mozilla.

Mozilla has a different default keyword server, which is why you might not
reproduce the problem in the trunk.

I don't like this feature, so you will have to figure out the problem (and
possibly file a new bug on Phoenix only). My advice is to turn this feature, in
its current incarnation, off, which is how the trunk works.

Tom, you will find instructions on how to turn this off in this document as well.
If the port is closed or otherwise unavailable, this is a dup of bug 184433.  If
localhost doesn't resolve, this is a dup of bug 95390.  If a proxy is in use
this is intended behavior.  Does anybody see this bug outside of those
*** Bug 222156 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Disabled keywords and it now works correctly.
-> qa to me, NEW.

The new duplicate is suggesting a behavior that happens only in
Phoenix/Firebird, which is that in situations a local port that is running a
server still is not accessible, in other words, some error occurs, and triggers
internet keywords.

I don't have time to look at this much, but trying and turning
internet keywords off are important pieces of data. Also compare to the trunk. A
quick look suggests that this hasn't actually happened on trunk for a long time.
Ever confirmed: true
QA Contact: claudius → benc
No longer blocks: 87717
looking at comment 11 here, this really looks like a dup of bug 95930, assuming 
reporter's webserver was actually responding on port 8080.  I don't see any 
other behavior not explored in bug 95930 or bug 184433.  Can someone mark this 
The original issue mentioned, relates to domain guessing.

Patrick and I have probably explained all the Phoneix/Firebird behavior,
although I don't understand the:
can not be found.

(Please always put the FULL text of the error message!).
Assignee: hewitt → adamlock
Component: Location Bar → Embedding: Docshell
QA Contact: benc → adamlock
Summary: http://localhost:8080/cocoon goes to → Domain Guessing: http://localhost:8080/cocoon goes to
QA Contact: adamlock → benc
*** Bug 234930 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Still no solution after two and a half years.
I see more and more of these for-ever-floating-around reports ... :(

Firefox 1.5 has a new generalized errormessage when a server is not reachable.

Can everybody agree that this bug is no longer an issue as of 1.5 ?
Closed: 20 years ago17 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
I can't find the fix in lxr, but I think someone made Domain Guessing not fire when you get connection refused.
Still (again?) an issue in 45.8.0

However, the behavior now depends on the reaction of the webserver running (or not running) on localhost.

1. If web server runs and answers normally => Firefox stays on localhost
2. If web server doesn't run => Firefox displays a generic "Unable to connect" error (a different issue... why no actual message?)
3. If "web server" runs but drops connection immediately => Firefox redirects to

Situation 3 may be reproduced (for example) by binding /bin/true to port 80 in inetd.conf

Situation can happen accidentally when dealing with a custom application container (i.e. not apache) that crashes on access for whatever reason.

Btw, behavior 3 not only occurs on Port 80 but any other port as well (i.e. localhost:8080)

No proxy involved.

"Domain guessing" should be disabled generally for any error condition except an error in the actual domain resolution.
Problem also happens when keyword.enabled is false in about:config
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