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Enable MediaControl in release


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What is the plan for enabling MediaControl on release? From my point of view it works well enough and some features like album images could be implemented later. This has been shipping in Chrome for a long while now.

I know r/firefox is not super representative, but this has been starting to be requested a lot more often.

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Our old plan was enabling media control on Fx80, but due to lacking of the testing resource, we don't have a chace to have a full testing and enough time to fix discovered bugs on Fx80. Therefore, we would let it ride a train with Fx81.

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We're going to enable media control on Fx81.

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enable media control by default. r=chunmin
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Nice. I think we should add this to the release notes, do you agree?

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Edit: see below
I was hoping Alastor would fill this out, but I just put this request in so that we don't forget about it.

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Add my version of release note request.

Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)
[Why is this notable]: Allow user to control media playback via hardware media keys (keyborad, headset) or virtual media control interface (Windows/Linux/Mac Touchbar)
[Affects Firefox for Android]: No, Android firefox is still using their own component, which is unrelated with desktop implementation
[Suggested wording]: not sure, maybe media control?
[Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]: (but it's little out of date, will update it later)

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