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When muting / unmuting devices on some calls, the minimized indicator restores itself


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Firefox 80
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According dbaron, when on calls using Jitsi, whereby or WebEx, if he minimizes the indicator, and then mutes or unmutes his microphone, then the indicator restores itself.

Since the user has explicitly minimized the indicator, we can presume that they want it out of the way. The only reason I can think of where we might want to restore it is if the set of devices being shared changes in some way that obligates us to inform the user about.

FYI, this happens on both and, but does not happen on Google Meet. I can't test WebEx now because I don't have the ability to schedule one.

Thanks - I've updated comment 0 to remove the reference to Google Meet.

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window.sizeToContent causes a minimized window to be restored, so we skip calling that if the
indicator is minimized. We call it instead once the indicator is restored.

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Don't accidentally restore the WebRTC global sharing indicator if it is minimized when changing streams. r=pbz

It does also happen on WebEx (on, at least).

Closed: 3 years ago
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Previously, the Global Sharing Overlay came into focus by itself when the sharing permission changed, for example, when stopping or turning on the camera on Zoom. Now, it DOES NOT get back into focus anymore. Is this the correct/expected behavior?

I would assume the user would want to see if any permissions change; when they change.

P.S. or WebRTC web-app aren't the case since the permissions aren't changed when muting camera or microphone, but zoom and webex are the case when stoping the camera, but not the microphone (for these 2 apps, stopping the camera means removing the camera sharing permission altogether).

What do you think, Mike?

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I spoke with UX, and yes - if the user has expressed that they want the indicator minimized, we should honour that even if the composition of the streams change.

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Hello! I managed to reproduce the issue with Fx 80.0a1 (2020-07-02) using window 10. I can confirm that the issue is fixed on all OS's with Firefox Nightly 81.0a1 (2020-08-12) and Firefox 80.0b8.

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