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Unprefix `mozPreservesPitch` and update related tests


(Core :: Audio/Video: Playback, defect, P3)




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firefox101 --- fixed


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(Keywords: dev-doc-complete, good-first-bug, Whiteboard: [wpt])


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Syncing wpt PR 24405 found new untriaged test failures in CI

Tests Affected

Firefox-only failures

video.mozPreservesPitch should not be supported: FAIL
audio.mozPreservesPitch should not be supported: FAIL

CI Results

Gecko CI (Treeherder)
GitHub PR Head


These updates will be on mozilla-central once bug 1649644 lands.

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Component: DOM: Core & HTML → Audio/Video: Playback

Looks like this checks that the API is not behind a prefix and we are still behind a prefix.

Severity: -- → S4
Priority: -- → P3

Bug 1336399 is about removing mozPreservesPitch. I'm not sure if "New wpt failures" bugs are renamed, but making this clearer about how it's about implementing would be great.

Oh, and unprefixed preservesPitch was shipped in Chromium 86:

Summary: New wpt failures in /html/semantics/embedded-content/media-elements/historical.html → Unprefix `mozPreservesPitch` and fix /html/semantics/embedded-content/media-elements/historical.html
Keywords: good-first-bug
See Also: → 1383363
Assignee: nobody → azebrowski
See Also: → 1765201

mozPreservesPitch has been marked as deprecated and aliased to preservesPitch in the attached patch so that we can gather usage data before we remove it completely. For complete removal, please see:

bug 1765201 Remove support for deprecated mozPreservesPitch

Blocks: 1765201
See Also: 1765201
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Summary: Unprefix `mozPreservesPitch` and fix /html/semantics/embedded-content/media-elements/historical.html → Unprefix `mozPreservesPitch` and update related tests
Pushed by
Unprefix mozPreservesPitch, update corresponding tests r=emilio,saschanaz
Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 101 Branch
Blocks: 1654518
See Also: 1654518

FYI FF101 docs work for this can be tracked in BCD was already taken care of, so mostly this is just just a release note.

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