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Improve Compare View UX


(Tree Management :: Perfherder, enhancement)



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(Reporter: sclements, Unassigned)


There was some feedback we got about the Perfherder compare view from a few of our users (developers only) during the TH UX research project. We didn't focus on Perfherder feedback too much since it wasn't our primary focus, but there a few areas that can be worked on.

  1. Would be nice to refresh the results without user having to reloading the page
  2. One user would scan the page visually for suspected problems because “Show only important changes” and “hide uncertain results” toggle buttons don’t do what was expected (MattN please chime in if I've gotten anything wrong).
    • "Show only important" would be more useful it it only showed things that are more than absolute value of the percentage in the tooltip. It also currently hides things it should not.
    • "Hide Uncertain Results" - the tooltip states that it uses 6 data points but only it should say 5 and it isn't clear what a "large difference" means.
  3. A few users either didn’t know it existed or weren’t sure how to use it (I know that's not very actionable but perhaps help docs could be a good starting point).

Regarding 3 from above, Cam and I focused on improving Push Health and making it a developers view. So any changes regarding improving access to Perfherder from Treeherder/Push health, let's coordinate on. See bug 1642786 for more details.

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