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"Always prefer display name over message header" checkbox is always checked


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(thunderbird_esr68 wontfix, thunderbird_esr78 fixed, thunderbird80 fixed)

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I think this got broken when we first linted abCard.js. We made one attempt to fix it at the time but it's still broken.

This puts the line back to how it was before we added linting. Obviously the linting change and the follow-up fix were both bogus.

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Fix "Always prefer display name over message header" checkbox. r=aleca

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Bug 1655884 - Fix "Always prefer display name over message header" checkbox. r?aleca

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Approved for beta

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Looks good to me in my testing of the 80.0b2 release candidate on Ubuntu 18.04.4.

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Bug 1655884 - Fix "Always prefer display name over message header" checkbox. r?aleca

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Approved for esr78

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Still being always checked in my testing of the 78.2.0 release candidate on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS. New profile.

Helps to test the correct build.

Resolution: FIXED → ---

Well, maybe we should clarify the desired behaviour first because imho the design is inherently garbled and mutilated.
We have a global pref controlling the same behaviour: Show only display name for people in my address book.
Iiuc, here we have a per-card pref which is supposed to override the global behaviour.
If I don't change the card pref, it should use the global default, isn't it?
So what is the difference in UI state between per-card custom setting and "use global setting"? Can't tell.

Clearly, the interaction of global and per-card pref can never work correctly and predictably unless per-card pref is triple:

  • Use global pref
  • Prefer display name from address book over message header
  • Prefer message header over address book display name
    Internally, use a number pref which can be set to 0, 1, and 2.

And what if I want the display name from my AB AND the email address?

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