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Directly loaded GIF images intermittently fail to display in Preview when toggling between Portrait and Landscape


(Core :: Print Preview, defect, P2)

Firefox 81



Tracking Status
firefox81 --- affected
firefox82 --- ?


(Reporter: vlucaci, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Whiteboard: [print2020_v81] )


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Affected versions

  • 81.0a1(20200816214203)

Affected platforms

  • 81.0a1(20200816214203)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch FF.
  2. Open a GIF image (eg: )
  3. Trigger the new Printing UI modal.
  4. Toggle between Portrait and Landscape.

Expected result

  • The GIF preview is displayed without any issues, regardless of page orientation.

Actual result

  • Toggling between Landscape and Portrait orientation renders the GIF preview to fail to be displayed.

Suggested Severity

  • Seeing as how it only affects a specific file format, I would consider this issue an S3.

Regression range

  • Not a regression.

Additional notes

Seems like a Core::Print Preview bug…

Component: Printing → Print Preview
Product: Toolkit → Core

Does this happen in the old print preview too? If so, I don't think this blocks bug 133787 or needs to be marked as [print2020_v81].

Flags: needinfo?(vlad.lucaci)

(Unless we broke this since we started work on the new UI, but you say this isn't a regression.)

I've been trying to reproduce this on macOS without any luck.

Severity: -- → S3
Priority: -- → P2
Summary: GIF images are not displayed in Preview when toggling between Portrait and Landscape → Directly loaded GIF images intermittently fail to display in Preview when toggling between Portrait and Landscape

We have tried several times to reproduce this issue on different machines (including the one that Vlad encountered this issue) & on multiple OS's (Windows 10, Ubuntu 20.04, macOS 10.14 & macOS 10.15) but we failed to do so.

Since Vlad is in PTO and since we couldn't reproduce this, I'm marking this as WORKSFORME for now and maybe we could get a confirmation from him when he returns (leaving the ni?).

Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME


I tried reproducing this issue on macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14 , Ubuntu 20.04 and Win10x64 with 82.0a1(20200830213209) , 81.0b4(20200829200810) and did not manage to reproduce this anymore.

Flags: needinfo?(vlad.lucaci)
Attached image screencast issue.gif

This issue is still present intermittently. At this point, we were able to reproduced it again on Ubuntu 18 and macOS 10.14, but only on Beta (81.0b5).

Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---

Hopefully a bunch of changes relevant with bug 1636728 fixes this.

Anca, can you please re-check it on the next 81.0b6? Thanks!

Flags: needinfo?(anca.soncutean)

This looks fixed with Fx 82.0a1 (2020-09-06) and Fx 81.0b7 on Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04 and macOS 10.14.

Closed: 4 years ago4 years ago
Flags: needinfo?(anca.soncutean)
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Thank you Anca!

Looks like this may have been reproducible a bit longer than the point at which we closed this as WFM -- a few months after this bug was closed (in comment 9), csasca was able to reproduce this in Firefox 84 beta and 85 Nightly, and filed bug 1679392 as a result. But per bug 1679392 comment 3, csasca can't reproduce in v103, so all seems to be well now.

(I've duped bug 1679392 to this issue, since it seems likely to have been the same problem and just required some combination of luck and special-configuration to trigger.)

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