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Tab-modal print UI is not usable if the browser window is small because controls are out of view


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If the browser window is small (less than around 600px high, or thereabouts), the controls at the bottom of the new Print dialog (including the all-important Cancel and Print buttons) are inaccessible because they are below the bottom of the window, and the panel is not scrollable.

Incidentally, if I expand "More settings" in this situation, the panel does become scrollable -- but doesn't scroll far enough to make everything visible, it still stops short of going all the way to the bottom.

I think this will be covered by bug 1654962

Depends on: 1654962

Hi Emma, can you please set a priority and severity on this bug?

Flags: needinfo?(emalysz)

Since it'll be fixed by a different bug that we're tracking under the [print2020_v81] whiteboard tag, I'm not sure we need a priority/severity on this bug…

We decided this is not going to be in the scope for 81.

Severity: -- → S4
Flags: needinfo?(emalysz)
Priority: -- → P3

This seems to be WFM now since I can scroll to them, but can you confirm, Jonathan.

Flags: needinfo?(jfkthame)

Yeah, this is fine now: the cancel/print buttons stay visible, attached to the bottom edge of the panel as it resizes, and the rest of the area (with the various options etc) becomes scrollable as needed. Closing as WFM.

Closed: 1 year ago
Flags: needinfo?(jfkthame)
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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