mode reverts to dom node when selecting #text and stays there



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1. inspect a document (eg attachment 97754 [details])
2. select css style rules
3. click #text
3' mode switches to dom node
4. select the root
4' expect mode to revert to css style rules

how we can do this:
the user's mode should be remembered until the user manually changes it.
when the user selects a node where that option is unavailable we select
something, perhaps always the first.  but unless they select another mode we can
remember their mode when they select another node which supports it.

The switching of viewers is handled by this.switchViewer.  timeless, are you
suggesting we keep an array of node types which specify the last-remembered
viewer for each node type?

If so, it should be easy to do this.
Per chatzilla, timeless agrees with me, so I'm going to take this bug.
Assignee: hewitt → ajvincent
Product: Core → Other Applications
Reassigning DOM-I bugs which have stagnated in my buglist back to default owner.  Hopefully someone will pick up some of these bugs and work on them.  I'll continue to follow them.
Assignee: ajvincent → dom-inspector
Assignee: dom-inspector → nobody
QA Contact: timeless → dom-inspector
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