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Clean up mac widget acceleration decision tree


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We already don't support transparency on non-popup windows, but the code in
nsChildView makes it look like we do.

The changes in this patch have the following effects:

  • nsCocoaWindow::SetTransparencyMode no longer sets a white background color on
    non-popup windows.
  • nsChildView picks up the default implementation for Get/SetTransparencyMode
    from nsBaseWidget, which ignores calls to SetTransparencyMode and always
    returns opaque. The nsChildView methods were only called for non-popup
    windows (popup windows call the nsCocoaWindow implementations), so this is
    what we want.

In the past we had a problem with transparent windows and window shadows. This
is no longer a problem, because we have dropped the versions of macOS where it
is a problem [1].

So we now support acceleration on all window types.

But we don't necessarily want to use the OpenGL compositor or WebRender for all
windows, due to per-window overhead.

[1] Specifically, the problematic macOS versions are 10.9 and 10.10. On 10.9,
transparent windows with CoreAnimation content never have shadows, and on 10.10,
those windows only get a shadow when they are opened for the second time without
their size changing, see bug 1632895 comment 5. We now support only 10.12+.

Depends on D91828

Pushed by
Be more consistent about having opaque non-popup windows. r=spohl
Clean up how nsChildView decides to use acceleration and OMTC. r=jrmuizel
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