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Unable to download PDFs that happen to be mixed-content


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(1) Go to about:preferences, search for PDF, and change action to "Always Ask"
(2) Visit
(3) Scroll down and select the "SPECIFICATIONS AND DOCUMENTS" tab (~halfway down the page)
(4) Click "Hood User Manual" (or any of the entries alongside it)

(Alternately: click the link in the attached testcase, instead of steps 2-4.)

I should be able to view or save the PDF that I'm trying to download. (I told Firefox to "Always Ask" me how to handle PDFs.)
Even though it's mixed-content, we should expose a way for me to click through & proceed with the download. The web as-it-exists depends on us allowing this (perhaps with a warning, sure, but not a full block).


  • The first time I perform STR: A new tab opens, and a doorhanger notification appears below the download toolbar-icon telling me "This file could not be downloaded securely". It's not obvious that there's any option I could take to actually download the file (no click-through, etc).
  • If I go back to the original tab and click the "Hood User Manual" link (or another PDF link) again, then: A new tab opens, and the Download "shrinking arrow" animation plays, and that's it. No doorhanger, no notification that something went wrong -- just silent failure.


Attached file testcase 1

ckerschb / sstreich, do you know if something is going wrong here, or is this the intended flow for this sort of scenario?

(I'm hoping it's not the intended flow, because it's tripped me up multiple times over the past few days -- I've had to fall back to: right-click the download-error-doorhanger, choose 'copy download link', open a new tab, paste, enter. That gives me the download-or-view-this-file prompt that I was expecting to get in the first place. I suspect less tech-savvy users wouldn't get that far & would just be blocked from ever opening/viewing the PDF that they're trying to see, and would be forced to use another browser.)

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(In reply to Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] from comment #2)

ckerschb / sstreich, do you know if something is going wrong here, or is this the intended flow for this sort of scenario?

In particular: per bug 1656296 comment 0, it sounds like the intent is to show a dialog that lets the user choose how to proceed, but we're not doing that right now.

Ah, I guess this is a dupe of bug 1656296.

(It looks like there's an r+'d patch there [nice!] though it looks like maybe the discussion on phabricator has gone quiet for the past ~week. Hoping it can land & be fixed soon!)

Closed: 5 months ago
Flags: needinfo?(sstreich)
No longer regressed by: 1614969
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1656296

Er, copypaste failure -- I meant dupe of bug 1660969.

Duplicate of bug: 1660969
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