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Topsite loses pin after reorganized and jumps position


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[Suggested Severity:]



When all topsites have a pin, if i move one of them, then another topsites looses its pin status and also jumps the order


MacOS 10.14


Reorganize all topsites so each has a pin

  1. Download and install RO localized Firefox.
  2. Create an user.js and set: browser.topsites.useRemoteSetting = true and to "RO", connecting to the staging main-preview.
  3. Start the browser with the predefined profile.
  4. Open a new tab.
  5. Reorganize all topsites so each one has a pin icon
  6. Move a topsite town (on screenshot i moved example8 topsite down.
  7. Watch topsite position 5 and position 6
[Actual Result:]

Pinned topsite position 6 looses its pin and moves to position 4
Topsite position 6 jumps order of position 5 and goes to position4

[Expected Result:]

Topsite position 5 should move to position 4 pinned
Topsite position 6 should move to position 5 pinned

screenshot attached, showing that:

  1. amazon lost its pin
  2. amazon jumped ebay order
See Also: → 1673429

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