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Hide <menuitem> behind a flag


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Not sure how to conditionally turn off menu[type="context"] style rule. Emilio, could you help?

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@supports -moz-bool-pref("....") can be used in UA sheets. Requires a restart but that's probably ok for your purposes.

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Cool, thanks!

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Hide <menuitem> behind a flag r=smaug
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Move the pref at the begining of the manifest. a=trivial-fix CLOSED TREE
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Backed out 2 changesets for xpcshell and mochitest plain failures. CLOSED TREE
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Attachment #9191153 - Attachment description: Bug 1680596 - Hide <menuitem> behind a flag r=smaug → Bug 1680596 - Part 1: Hide <menuitem> behind a flag r=smaug
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Part 1: Hide <menuitem> behind a flag r=smaug
Part 2: Replace the use of HTML menuitem in a LoginManagerContextMenu test r=tgiles
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Port bug 1680596 - Hide <menuitem> behind a flag. rs=bustage-fix

BCD and update to release notes are done pending merge.

What should I as a web and/or extension developer expect as a result of this?

Should I expect <menu type="context"> (and <menuitem> inside it) behavior (for registering items in the general right click/context menu) to change? Should I expect visible <menu> and <menuitem> behavior to change? Should I expect JS DOM access to these elements to change? Something else?

Should I expect these changes to already be in effect for Nightly?

Yes, <menu type="context"> is not a thing anymore and it works as a typical <menu> (which again is roughly an equivalent of <ul>). <menuitem> is now gone and thus gives no effect anymore.

The changes are in Nightly and also in Beta.

Repro case:

I'm finding that using <menuitem> in an HTML doc is now actively broken (in Nightly). Specifically: when JS sets the disabled property, no matching DOM attribute is created.

That's expected because we are dropping <menuitem>. It's also dropped from the HTML spec because of no implementer interest, so extensions shouldn't rely on it.

See also:

Regressions: 1691755
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