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Update pdf.js to version 2.8.43


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, task)

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#12838 [api-minor] Change the "dc:creator" Metadata field to an Array
#12853 Fix the initialization/resetting of scripting-related events in the BaseViewer
#12855 [api-minor] Highlight search results correctly for normalized text (PR 9448)
#12861 Always re-measure non-embedded ArialNarrow fonts (bug 1671312, PR 12725 follow-up)
#12812 Enforce line width to be at least 1px after applied transform
#12863 Remove a duplicated reference test (PR 12812 follow-up)
#12864 Enforce linewidth to 1px when at least one of scale factor is lower than 1
#12874 Put less emphasis on "ES5"/"ES6" in the README and other documentation
#12875 Replace some ternary operators with optional chaining, and nullish coalescing, in the src/display/-folder
#12871 Only display a notification on the sidebarToggle-button, and not the individual view-buttons (PR 7959 follow-up)
#12850 JS -- Add few missing constants in global scope
#12878 Remove redundant compatibility checks, for modern generic builds, in src/core/worker.js
#12869 Fix zoom issue with too thin lines
#12831 Add a parser to get font data from the default appearance
#12836 JS -- update radio/checkbox values even if there are no actions
#12888 Enable the Stylelint shorthand-property-no-redundant-values rule
#12890 Enable ESLint rules that no longer need to be disabled on a directory/file-basis
#12886 Use _defaultAppearanceData directly in WidgetAnnotation._getSaveFieldResources (PR 12831 follow-up)
#12887 Keep logical assignment operators in MOZCENTRAL/TESTING-builds
#12885 Simplify the PDFFunctionFactory._localFunctionCache initialization (PR 12034 follow-up); Fix the gStateObj lookup in TranslatedFont._removeType3ColorOperators (PR 12718 follow-up)
#12891 Ensure that parseDefaultAppearance won't attempt to access a not yet defined variable (PR 12831 follow-up)
#12828 [api-minor] Set font size and color for text widget annotations
#12893 Enable, a basic version of, the ESLint no-use-before-define rule
#12870 Add previous/next-page functionality that takes scroll/spread-modes into account (issue 11946)
#12899 Update the ESLint env to use "es2021"
#12898 Update packages and translations
#12897 JS - Fix mouse event names
#12901 Bump versions in pdfjs.config
#12826 JS -- add support for choice widget
#12914 JS - QuickJS sandbox initialization must be the last evaluated string
#12916 Include pdf.sandbox.js when building the pdfjs-dist files
#12911 Fix text layer regression tests in using the correct line-height property
#12910 Add back dir property in spans in text layer
#12903 Improve global image caching for small images (PR 11912 follow-up, issue 12098)
#12924 Fix font data clone error when pdfBug is enabled.
#12922 Ignore globally cached images in PartialEvaluator.getTextContent (PR 11930 follow-up)
#12920 fix(acroforms): pdf path in acroforms example
#12931 Stop showing the fallback bar for "errorFontLoadNative" errors (PR 10539 follow-up)
#12932 Stop including -ms prefixed CSS rules in GENERIC builds
#12933 Stop polyfilling CSS variables in GENERIC builds
#12935 Remove prefixed fullscreen properties/methods from the MOZCENTRAL builds
#12879 XFA - Add a parser for XFA files
#12943 Re-enable the issue6961 test-case (issue 7112)
#12947 Update Puppeteer to version 6 (issue 12945)
#12954 XFA -- Add attributes and children in XFAObject
#12952 Don't focus the PasswordPrompt input-field on load, when the viewer is embedded in e.g. an iframe (issue 12951)
#12956 Update Puppeteer to version 7
#12946 XFA -- Add template object
#11647 [Firefox] Block the "load" event until all pages are loaded, to ensure that printing works (bug 1618553)

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Update pdf.js to version 2.8.43. r=calixte
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