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Disfunctional auto resizing of the addressing header area


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(thunderbird_esr78 wontfix, thunderbird86 wontfix)

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The addressing header area resizes its height a little bit too aggressively, disregarding entirely the user's manual resizing.


  • Create a lot of pills in order to trigger the scrollable header area (you can drag a bunch from the contacts sidebar to make it quick).
  • Resize the header area to see all addresses.
  • Add another address (by typing or dragging from the contacts sidebar).

Notice how the header area suddenly collapses at every interaction, ignoring the user's resizing.
To make things worse, this also happens when reordering pills by drag & drop.

Agree, I can reproduce this in version 78.7.1 win64.
It also occurs if you choose address and use delete by any of the delete methods, but oddly this seems to occur on the second delete.

Tested using right click on email address and select delete, using keyborad selectors to move to email and delete etc.

Thanks for the extra info Anje.
This is super annoying >_<

This solves the problem by using a local variable to keep track of the header area height defined by the user.
If a custom height is defined, meaning the user manually resized the addressing area via the splitter, the header won't collapse unless the user specifically shrinks the area below the limit we defined.

This guarantees that the addressing area won't jump up and down when the user is creating, moving, and deleting with a lot of pills and it needs a larger recipients area.

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I suggest to not uplift this for 78 for 2 reasons:

  • We didn't have any bug report so far highlighting this issue.
  • We did a lot of code improvements and clean ups in the addressing area that uplifting this wouldn't be clean.

If we start getting some reports, I'll take care of creating a 78 variation.

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Fix disfunctional auto resizing of the addressing header area in the messengercompose.xhtml. r=Paenglab

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