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Autofill Logins and passwords not working [maybe related to strange Enterprise Policies behaviour]


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Steps to reproduce:

The Enterprises Policies issue reported at may be related.

The "Autofill logins and passwords" preference is no longer being honoured.

Actual results:

Login forms which have entries in the unlocked Password Manager are not being auto-filled. They used to be autofilled, prior to the following Enterprise Policies being activated:

DisableFirefoxAccounts [true]
PasswordManagerEnabled [false]
OfferToSaveLogins [false]
OfferToSaveLoginsDefault [false]

Even after the first 2 Enterprise Policies being removed, the behaviour continues with only these Enterprise Policies being shown active:

OfferToSaveLogins [false]
OfferToSaveLoginsDefault [false]

Expected results:

Login fields matching entries in the Password Manager should be auto-filled.

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Component: Untriaged → Enterprise Policies

Are you sure we used to autofill passwords in that case? I think of OfferToSaveLogins is false, we don't offer and we don't autofill. I'll run some tests.

If you're sure this behavior is changed, can you see if you can use to figure out when it changed?

Sorry, I conflated 2 issues with this bug submission, one of which was not a bug at all but my mistake.

It would appear setting OfferToSaveLogins prevents autofill. If this is expected behaviour then I’ll close the bug, but from my perspective I feel this might be documented better?

In the description is simply: “Control whether or not Firefox offers to save passwords.”

Hi Mike!
Could you confirm if what the reporter indicates in comment 5 is the expected behavior? If so, could the issue be closed?

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I think it might be an intended behavior and I will close this issue as Invalid. Mike if you consider it a valid issue please feel free to reopen it.

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That is the expected behavior. I'm updating the docs. Sorry for taking so long.

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OK, I get this now and it's a bug in preferences.

If you set OfferToSaveLogins to false, the checkbox in preferences is still clickable and when you click it, it enables the two preferences below it.

I'm looking.

Component: Enterprise Policies → Preferences
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This was broken by bug 1620753.

Unfortunately the test for this policy only checked the pref, not the UI.

Regressed by: 1620753
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Assignee: nobody → mozilla
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Disable saved password preference if disabled by policy. r=mixedpuppy,preferences-reviewers
Closed: 8 months ago8 months ago
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Target Milestone: --- → 90 Branch
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