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  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter a nickname
  3. In the lower right corner, try to scroll through the chat
    The chat window is fixed and the text input is not visible
    Able to scroll through the chat window and the text input for messaging in chat is visible.

This works in Chrome.

The message container doesn't scroll because it's height is very large, large enough to contain all the messages I guess. In Chrome the message container is not large. The height seems to come from an ancestor dom element:

<aside class="sidebar svelte-1fwojnu" aria-label="Show sidebar" role="button">

In Chrome it's 605 for me, in Firefox over 10000. The element has min-height: 100vh; and height: -webkit-fill-available; which we do not support. I don't see anything else that would give that element a height. So this seems to boil down to the page using -webkit-fill-available

This is being solved by adding

/* bundle.css | */

.sidebar.svelte-1fwojnu.svelte-1fwojnu {
  bottom: 0;

With this the bottom input appears and the window is not insanely tall.

There's probably something about the parent box.

note that if they were adding -moz-available it would have no influence on height. This is Bug 527285 so maybe there's a dependency here.

Depends on: 527285
See Also: → 567039

They could just use height: 100vh, right? It's a fixed-pos element... Why are they using -webkit-fill-available?

They could also be using just height: 100%

Or bottom: 0 and it'd stretch as comment 3 says. There's tons of ways to do what they want to do in all browsers, I'm baffled about why they use prefixed values without fallback instead. :(

Component: Layout: Scrolling and Overflow → Desktop
Product: Core → Web Compatibility

Yes. They have been contacted on GitHub.
closing as incomplete by lack of a better keyword.

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