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Add support for parsing full `<image>` syntax in `cursor`


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Support for image-set() was adding for the cursor property in Bug 1695402, but it only allows url() values. This bug looks at adding support for parsing gradient values.

Summary: Add support for parsing gradient types with cursor: image-set() → Add support for parsing gradient types for the cursor and content properties

Emilo...taking a look at this as I cleanup our H1 Epics. This looks like the last object to close from the CSS image-set() function in CSS work. Considering closing the other Epic and just tracking this as a stand alone cleanup item. Thoughts?

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Agreed, that sounds good, I don't think this is particularly prioritary fwiw. Mats did some work recently which could make this easier to do for content. For cursor, no browser supports it and it's unclear what the use case for a radial-gradient would be.

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FWIW -- for cursor specifically, it looks like there's some open spec discussion here (though it's gone quiet for a few months); and the spec may end up changing to match implementations (which would mean there's nothing for us to do in this bug, if that happens).

See these pull requests where there's some discussion about this:

Duplicate of this bug: 1806233

For what's it's worth, with the change of 78fb03b, only support for image-set() is now mandatory. Support for the full <image> syntax (including gradients) continues to be optional.

It is mandatory for the content property, though, which is covered in bug 1684958.

I changed the summary of this bug accordingly. Emilio, Daniel, it's now up to you whether this is still worthwhile to implement.


Summary: Add support for parsing gradient types for the cursor and content properties → Add support for parsing full `<image>` syntax in `cursor`
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See Also: → 1684958

It's still worth tracking at least.

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No longer duplicate of this bug: 1806233
Blocks: css-ui-3
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