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Implement image-set().


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Implement image-set from CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3 to enable a complete responsive images solution.
Alias: image-set
Up to now, only Firefox and IE (Edge) does not support image-set.
Whiteboard: [tw-dom] suggests to move this feature to css-images-4 due to a lack of implementations.

Can you please implement image-set() ? When devicePixelRatio is more than 1, and I use the custom cursor (PNG image), Firefox scales up the cursor according to devicePixelRatio (so it is blurry). W3C suggests to solve it with image-set() (which already works in Chrome for several years).
I want to do some cleanup of style images in bug 1440305 once I'm back from vacation. I'll do it with implementing this into account, so that implementing this is trivial-ish after that.
Depends on: 1440305
Summary: Implement image-set from CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3 → Implement image-set().
Blocks: 1532331
Type: defect → enhancement
Blocks: css-images-4
No longer blocks: css-images-3
Whiteboard: [tw-dom] → [tw-dom][layout:backlog]

Webkit nightly now supports most of the standard syntax:

It's been unprefixed in webkit for a long time.

New PR for WPT with comprehensive web platform tests:

Chromium bug to unprefix:

Now that we triage by severity, setting this bug's priority to P2 to represent near-term backlog status. See

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