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Stop showing whatsnew for Firefox Proton release


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The plan for Proton is to not open a tab to a whatsnew page and instead show some content directly inside Firefox for upgrading users with bug 1697222.

We could remove the major version show-url entry

Or change the Firefox homepage_override behavior to ignore the show-url entry

Unclear if the latter change should only conditionally ignore based on some pref like browser.proton.enabled or if the code should just be plain removed to not check UpdateManager's properties?

We probably don't need to change the behavior of UpdateManager / UpdateService.jsm.

To be clear, it sounds like the decision is to not have whatsnew page shown going forwards on update, so Firefox will need to decide to show the in-product update content landed ahead of release for localization, but the whatsnew / releasenotes landing pages should still be maintained as they can be accessed in other ways.

Whiteboard: [proton-onboarding]
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Hey bhearsum, I'm wondering if you'd have opinions on the easiest way forward here. How easy would it be to modify things on the Balrog / releng side of things to no longer tell Firefox to open the What's New page (configured via this YAML file: for Firefox 89+?

If that's not easy or practical, we can write a patch to make the browser front-end ignore the show-url thing that gets passed to it after an update, but wanted to see if it'd just make more sense to do it on the releng side of things first.

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Ben's on PTO for the next 2 weeks.

Aiui, we can either manually edit select release blobs to stop sending the WNP in balrog responses, and/or change the balrog release submission process to do so automatically if this is a more permanent change.

Would we want to remove WNPs for all releases greater than a certain version number? Or is this pref-based or otherwise only a partial rollout?

My understanding is that it'd be removal after a certain version number (starting from 89, inclusive). There are no plans to do a partial rollout of Proton - it's on, and then it rides the trains. I guess it's conceivable that a last-minute showstopper might cause us to flip the pref back, but I suspect this bug is one of those changes that Product and UX are happy to let ride in 89 regardless.

Does that help?

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Sounds good. I'm testing to see if replacing the contents of browser/config/whats_new_page.yml with an empty [] does what we want.

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That appears to work, but I'm not 100% sure it's what we want.

Julien, as the author of the patch in bug 1680091, do you know what the fix for this bug should look like? Empty versions and locales for some/all of the wnp rules? empty wnp.yml [] ?

Worst case we can probably craft a few of these and try some staging releases.

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Do we want to keep showing a WNP for aurora and beta, or also drop those?

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Requesting needinfo from rtestard for comment 7. Are there any conditions under which Firefox 89+ would show a What's New page on any channel?

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If possible, I'd like to keep our Nightly whatsnew page as it acts as a reminder to our core community that the nightly channel is for bug reporting and the nightly whatsnew page contains multiple pointers at nightly only resources.

(In reply to Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) (Catching up on needinfos) from comment #9)

Requesting needinfo from rtestard for comment 7. Are there any conditions under which Firefox 89+ would show a What's New page on any channel?

See Pascal's comment.
The goal is that release users don't see a WNP so ensure the server does not trigger these pages is good enough and helps suit Pascal's needs it seems

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disable what's new page on release for 89+. r=aki DONTBUILD
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