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Set overrideDPPX BrowsingContext property in the parent process


(DevTools :: Responsive Design Mode, task)



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Fission Milestone M7a


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Some ResponsiveActor methods do a bit more than setting the flag on the browsing context, so we might still keep them, and make the RDM ui use targetConfigurationCommand that will abstract calls to both parent and content processes.

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[devtools] Set overrideDPPX browsingContext property in the parent process. r=jdescottes,devtools-backward-compat-reviewers.
Regressions: 1703543

Here we introduce a specific method in the targetConfigurationCommand as we need
to set the flag on the parent process (in the targetConfigurationActor), but we also
need to create the TouchSimulator from the content process (via the ResponsiveActor).

The work on the setTouchEventsOverride commands seem to have changed
timing a bit and it resulted in intermittent failures on browser_touch_device.js.
The failures was about a pending SpecialPowers.spawn call while the SpecialPowers
actor is destroyed, which indicates an issue with a document closing too early.
Since the test is properly waiting for all the method that use SpecialPowers.spawn,
it seemed like the issue was because of the reload-on-touch-simulation-toggle feature,
as we don't wait anywhere in the test for the document to be loaded or anything.
As the reload-on-touch-simulation-toggle pref was enabled on this test only to be
able to use the toggleTouchSimulation helper, it's probably safe to not enable it,
and instead allow the helper to not wait for the load.
This seems enough to fix the failures I was experiencing with this patch queue.

Depends on D111262

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Closed: 3 years ago
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Summary: Set RDM-related BrowsingContext flags in parent process instead of ResponsiveActor (which lives in content process) → Set overrideDPPX BrowsingContext property in the parent process
Blocks: 1704729

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Bug 1703178 - [devtools] Set touchEventsOverride browsingContext property in the parent process. r=jdescottes.

Revision D111262 was moved to bug 1704733. Setting attachment 9214393 [details] to obsolete.

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