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Update pdf.js to version 2.9.142


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, task)

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firefox90 --- fixed


(Reporter: bdahl, Assigned: bdahl)


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#13223 Remove the unused "GetIsPureXfa" message handler; and avoid unnecessary parsing when no structTree is available (PR 13069 follow-up, PR 13221 follow-up)
#13232 Fix annotation input focus trap regression in Safari
#13234 [api-minor] Ensure that PDFDocumentProxy.hasJSActions won't fail if MissingDataExceptions are thrown during the associated worker-thread parsing
#13235 Split the classes in src/core/obj.js into separate files
#13238 Update the es-module-shims package to the latest version
#13244 Update the postcss-calc package to the latest version
#13240 Update eslint-config-prettier/eslint-plugin-unicorn packages to their latest versions
#13222 Convert done callbacks to async/await in the smaller unit test files
#13243 Implement visibility expressions for optional content
#13246 Convert done callbacks to async/await in more unit test files
#13247 Update the yargs package to the latest version
#13249 [GENERIC viewer] Don't display the errorWrapper, for documents with signatures (PR 13217 follow-up)
#13250 Remove the PDFViewerApplication._delayedFallback functionality
#13146 XFA -- Load fonts permanently from the pdf
#13254 A couple of small scripting/XFA-related tweaks in the worker-code
#13253 Convert done callbacks to async/await in test/unit/api_spec.js
#13258 Update packages and translations
#13256 Convert done callbacks to async/await in the last two unit test files
#13275 Ensure that the /Properties, used with optional content, is actually loaded before parsing the operatorList/textContent (PR 12095 follow-up)
#13278 Add presentation role to text layer spans.
#13277 For CFF fonts without proper ToUnicode/Encoding data, utilize the "charset"/"Encoding"-data from the font file to improve text-selection (issue 13260)
#13263 Replace done callbacks in the font-tests with async/await instead
#13282 Update Puppeteer to version 9
#13280 Ensure that saveDocument works if there's no /ID-entry in the PDF document (issue 13279)
#13286 [JS] Use heap allocation when initializing quickjs sandbox
#13283 Change NameOrNumberTree.getAll to return a Map rather than an Object
#13272 Update all the text widgets having the same name with the same value
#13291 Replace a bunch of Array.prototype.forEach() cases with for...of loops instead
#13297 Add a note about minification to the webpack-example README (issue 13290)
#13294 Enable the no-var linting rule in src/core/{cmap,image,worker}.js
#13301 Support InkAnnotations without appearance streams (issue 13298)
#13300 Convert the code in src/display/canvas.js to use standard classes
#13304 Convert more code in src/core/ to use standard classes
#13305 Implement rendering polyline/polygon annotations without appearance stream
#13306 Fix position of highlighted all text.

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Update pdf.js to version 2.9.142 r=calixte
Closed: 3 years ago
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