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Simple "Enter A Bug" form does not indicate that it uses markdown, resulting in misformatted bug reports


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The simple "Enter A Bug" form (which is the default for new users and different from the "standard bug entry form" which can be reached via a link on the bottom right of that page) does not mention that the input is interpreted as markdown. This results in bug reports being formatted in a way that the user did not intend. To make things worse, the form also lacks a preview feature, and the text, once submitted, cannot be edited, leaving the community with a misformatted bug report.

Assuming that the simple "Enter A Bug" form is meant to confront users with as little technical details and options, I suggest not to interprete text entered in the form as markdown, but to display it verbatim as entered.

Summary: Simple "Enter A Bug" form does not indicate that it uses markdown → Simple "Enter A Bug" form does not indicate that it uses markdown, resulting in misformatted bug reports

I agree. I have used the "trick" to preview new bug text in the comment form for another bug, not ideal ...

I have also noticed that "Markdown styling now supported" is shown under a form when commenting, as well as a "Preview" option, but that I don't get these options when I create a new issue, but in stead a slimmed down form with no "markdown supported" text nor Preview option (I'll call it "Simple" from hereon):

To reproduce:

Today, I accidentally noticed a link in the bottom right corner named "Switch to the standard bug entry form" linking to the markdown-supporting form at

If the Simple form is set as default to help inexperienced user, I think the form should have Markdown styling now supported under the form fields, as well as a "Preview" option. This would prevent wrongly formatted issues, since the result can be checked in advance, by the bug creating user.

Agree. I even searched for the markdown tutorial link (because I remembered there was some) in the "New bug" window, but then falsely assumed there is no markdown. This is what I created (big bold error message):

Right, that could have been easily prevented with a simple click on "Preview", if it was possible. See also bug 1726962.

It is extra problematic for a new user, since creating the issue itself can seem daunting. If the resulting bug looks horrible on top of that, due to unforeseen markup being applied, it makes the experience even worse.

To top it off, privacy sensitive information is being added automatically, and a privacy conscious user can't even remove it, see bug 1727256.

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