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Implement Promise support in the ClipboardItem constructor


(Core :: DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop, enhancement)




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(Reporter: evilpie, Assigned: edgar)


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We currently don't support Promises in the ClipboardItem constructor like Chrome. Safari does support it and it's specified in the spec.

Before shipping we need to either implement this or change the spec, because this is apparently causing issues: bug 1619947 comment 25.

Blocks: 1688865

I am pretty sure the ref-counting and CC handling is totally wrong, because it's missing for
mPromises and mResolvedEntries.

I added mResolvedEntries because I remembered some previous discussion that MozPromise can't
hold something alive? I don't actually remember the details.

It does pass all the wpt clipboard-apis tests. However those don't include anything for Promises
in the constructor.

Hey Nika, would you mind taking a look at the CC handling etc. in the patch?

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Flags: needinfo?(nika)
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Changing severity to N/A for enhancement

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Seems like Chromium is finally working on this feature thanks to Microsoft:

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Webcompat Priority: P3 → P2
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