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Support for @font-face src: descriptor's "tech(...)" syntax


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Steps to reproduce:

FF drops @font-face src: lines which contain "supports ..." stances in their src: line. The CSS Fonts spec lists parsing rules for the src: line:
which explain that the expected behaviour is to parse and analyse entries of the src: line according to the following grammar (excerpt)

<url> [ format(<font-format> [supports <font-technology>#]?)]? | local(<font-face-name>)
<font-format> = [<string> | woff | truetype | opentype | woff2 | embedded-opentype | collection | svg]
<font-technology> = [features | variations | color(<color-font-technology>) | palettes]

and then dropping entries which specify an unsupported format or technology but are considered syntactically correct.

Related issue for parsing issues for format() keywords instead of strings is issue 650372.

Actual results:

FF drops the complete src: line.

Expected results:

FF should understand the supports keyword and the listed technologies including color(...) and drop entries which reference a font with unsupported technologies.

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Updating the bug title to reflect the current spec: CSS Fonts 4 has evolved such that instead of supports <font-technology> within the format() function, there's now a separate tech() function that takes keywords such as variations, color-COLRv1, etc.

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Summary: Support for @font-face src: line "supports <technology>" syntax → Support for @font-face src: descriptor's "tech(...)" syntax
Assignee: nobody → jfkthame

Dominik, I notice that tech() doesn't yet seem to be implemented in Chrome Canary (or is there a flag I need to set?) -- I wondered if you can say anything about plans here, as it'll be of somewhat limited use until it is more widely supported.

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Planning to ship this, compare: - and hoping to get to it this quarter.

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Add support for the @font-face src descriptor's tech() function. r=emilio
Add WPT tests for parsing of the @font-face src descriptor's tech() function. r=emilio
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FYI Docs work for this can be tracked in

Following this going behind a pref in 1786804 all I've done is added to the experimental features and also the browser compatibility data. We follow your lead and add documentation for tech() once the API stabilizes.

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