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Add a task for running the desktop recorder


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We need to be able to trigger the desktop recorder off of a m-c push.

This patch allows the desktop recorder to be run manually. A subsequent patch
will enable it for every m-c push once the hardware is deployed.

:barret, can you provide some documentation on these new tests somewhere in-tree?

We have perfdocs that can build docs dynamically from a folder of information if the fxrecord code was in-tree. But since it's not (even though it should be imo), you could add a blurb about it into this page:

The RST file for that page is here:
The owner of these tests should be the Performance team.

Flags: needinfo?(brennie)
Depends on: 1717744
Flags: needinfo?(brennie)
Whiteboard: keep-open
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Add a task for running the desktop recorder r=ahal
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Run fxrecord task on all m-c pushes r=ahal
Add PerfDocs for fxrecord r=sparky,perftest-reviewers
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