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Unify Intl APIs in layout/base/nsBidi.h


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Work: Medium
What it is: Moving the nsBidi abstraction into the unified components, and updating it to match our practices.

Blocks: 1719664

This seems like a larger project that Greg or I should take on. Greg will flesh out some more details on this project.

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Looking into this, it appears we can mostly copy and paste nsBidi into the intl/src/components and then update the naming and conventions to match the unified intl components. It would be nice to also move the all the definitions into the .cpp file, then we wouldn't have to expose the ICU internals in the header. It appears the constructor is infallible, so it won't need the TryCreate method.

Some new tests will need to be written for it. I don't see anything at this unit level.

I'm updating this as open for contributions beyond Dan or I, since it's adapting an existing abstraction.

Flags: needinfo?(gtatum)
Whiteboard: [i18n-unification-help-wanted]
Whiteboard: [i18n-unification-help-wanted] → [i18n-unification], [i18n-unification-help-wanted]
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