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[GNOME] dragging a tab into the gnome menu keep Firefox in D&D mode


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Firefox 90





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Steps to reproduce:

I am using gnome-shell 40.3 and firefox 90.0.2 inside fedora 34

Dragging a tab in the upper-left gnome menu and dropping it inside the gnome shell's menu makes all the Firefox windows holding the "drag" mode and I cannot interact with them.
When I resize one of the windows, the problem seems to go away, except for the window from where the tab was dragged. The tabs from this windows won't interact anymore (I can still drag the window when touching the blank spaces).

I'm sure someone might have seen/reported this bug before, but I was exploring across some keywords and only found similar but not quite related issues. Any correction is welcome, and I'm sorry in advance.

Actual results:

All windows were stuck, holding a sort of "drag" mode.
After resizing any Firefox window, the state wears off, but the tab panel from where the tab belonged stays frozen.
Also, I don't know if it's related but I got a black screen while issuing this. The logs are "insufficient" for bug reports, according to gnome problem reporter.

Expected results:

"Drag" state should have gone as soon as the mouse press was released.
The tab panel from the window should stay interactive.

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Can you please create a screencast of the issue?

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Hello Martin,
Here you go
This time, I was able to move the tabs afterwards.
If you need more info/examples i'm still available.

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It seems I was wrong, and the frozen tab can be unfrozen each time by sliding another tab towards it.

Also, resizing a window works, but sliding a tab also works apparently.

I see, Thanks for the video.

Summary: [GNOME] dragging a tab into the gnome menu makes the tab panel buggy → [GNOME] dragging a tab into the gnome menu keep Firefox in D&D mode

Can you try latest nightly with async clipboard enabled (

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It works perfectly now, both with and without the option enabled. Thanks !
PS: Sorry for answering in the wrong issue.

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