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Update geckodriver and deps to Rust 2021


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Similar for the 2018 edition (bug 1613975) we should prepare geckodriver for the 2021 Rust edition.

James, when is a good time to get started? Is it after the release as estimated in October?

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We need to wait for Firefox's rust toolchain to update to a release containing the new edition. I think this is going to end up bumping the minimum supported rust version, which could be a problem for people making custom geckodriver builds, so I don't think we want to rush these changes for no reason. But in general I think our policy is to match Firefox.

Practically, I doubt any of the changes are going to be a significant problem for us, so I imagine we'll just run the update tooling and take any suggestions. There's some chance that we'll want to make manual fixups, but nothing jumps out.

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Ok, so lets do it for the 0.32.0 release then.

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