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Unprefix fit-content keyword.


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I'm not aware of any reason we shouldn't do this, as it is interoperable
with other browsers, and it causes compat issues from sites that forget
to use the prefixed version.

Try is running, probably a bunch of other new tests are passing.

Blocks: 1732780
Blocks: 1732781

Mostly progressions, as expected, but there are two bits that deserve
some attention:

  • First there are two table tests that regress (because we were
    treating fit-content like auto). However Chromium fails the
    non-tentative one also, just in a different way, so I think it's
    worth punting on changing table layout and go to the CSSWG to figure
    out if "auto" is the desired behavior here.

  • Second, there's another test that regresses
    (position-absolute-replaced-minmax.html) for the same reason, we used
    to treat the size as "auto".

    The test that regresses comes from a Chromium crash
    ( and
    the relevant behavior different also affects other intrinsic
    keywords, so I don't think we should address it here, and is unlikely
    to be a common case in the wild if we hadn't hit this before with
    other unprefixed keywords IMO.

    In any case I filed for this
    behavior difference to investigate later.

  • Third, I removed fit-content from min-{width,height}-invalid. They
    are valid sizing keywords in css-sizing-5, and they apply to these
    properties. Other browsers also parse it.

Depends on D126718

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