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Fix |XXX - mod_perl| comments


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As I've been cleaning up code recently, I've been adding comment arround things
which are not safe to use with mod_perl, as well as the reasons why, and often
how it needs to be fixed

Before we can enable mod_perl mode, this needs to be fixed.

grep for 'XXX.*mod_perl' to catch all these.
Blocks: mod_perl
Depends on: 226027
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As of this writing, there's only 3 of these left.

Bugzilla/        # XXX - under mod_perl we can use the request object to
Bugzilla/ XXX - mod_perl
Bugzilla/    # XXXX - mod_perl!

The latter two are already taken care of in the patch on bug 343338, which leaves only the one in Bugzilla/ to deal with on this bug.  It sounds like all we need to do is tell Apache to generate ErrorDocuments on mod_perl v1.
Doing a grep with '#.*mod_perl' as regexp, I can find only two occurences which need some consideration:

86:        # XXX - under mod_perl we can use the request object to
90:        # Under mod_perl v2, though, this happens automatically, and the

That's the one reported by justdave in comment 2.

673:    # Apache::DBI will cache this when using mod_perl

mkanat, I think we are very close to fixing this bug. :)
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Hrm. We don't support mod_perl v1, so that fix won't be necessary. We can just remove that comment.

The Apache::DBI thing doesn't even matter, since that happens automatically in the startup script (which we haven't checked-in yet, and which I haven't even posted as a patch yet, since I'm experimenting with it).
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Okay, all I had to do was remove a single comment. :-) We're actually fine, since we use mod_perl v2.
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