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Update check in about window spins forever when it gets aborted


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I'm usually not shutting down and restarting Firefox unless there is an update in the queue. Today I noticed that by surprise I'm still on a build from Oct 31st. I might have gotten an update notification, but clicked it away.

Forcing an update check this morning causes the spinner in the about window to run forever. Checking the DevTools browser console shows the following:

11:44:25.743 AUS:SVC Checker: checkForUpdates, force: true
11:44:25.743 AUS:SVC UpdateService.canUsuallyCheckForUpdates - able to check for updates
11:44:25.743 AUS:SVC UpdateService.canCheckForUpdates - able to check for updates
11:44:25.746 AUS:SVC Checker:getUpdateURL - update URL:,MEM:16384/default/default/update.xml?force=1
11:44:25.746 AUS:SVC Checker: checkForUpdates: check request already active, aborting

So what happens here is that we abort the check because one other is active, but we do not reset the content in the about window. While the hamburger menu clearly shows a green dot, means that an update is available, it's not possible for me to start the upgrade via the about window.

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Whiteboard: [fidedi-ope] → [fidedi-ope]
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Bug 1739977 - If an update via the about dialog is cancelled due to staying on a page, ensure the dialog is reset to the apply state. r?bytesized

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